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Sackville Oak Frames - Oak Framed Buildings

Our small team of knowledgeable and dedicated craftsmen are involved at every stage of the process, from milling to topping out.

  • Our oak framed buildings are milled, framed and erected off site in our timber yard in the Weald of Kent before being transported to site.
  • The milling and grading of our own timber allows us to get exactly the right section and grade of oak we need.
  • All of our oak is structurally graded to BS 5756 2007.
  • Each oak frame is then cut and jointed from a lofted plan, dry assembled and draw-bored.
  • Once each frame member is finished it is the uniquely marked, ready for delivery to site.

During the whole fabrication process we invite and encourage our clients to visit the framing yard so as to gain an insight and connection to their oak framed building.

Whatever the scale or intention, Sackville Oak Frames can offer an accomplished, highly crafted solution.

Sackville Oak Frames - Oak Framed Buildings“We are makers, craftsmen & professionals.
We are confident, passionate & trusted.
We explore, challenge & achieve.
We are the bridge between traditional craft, engineering & your dream.
We are the details, the little things.
We are Sackville Oak Frames.”


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