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An oak framed house & new build can give you a real sense of space and light; just imagine the hours you could spend dining, entertaining, relaxing and sleeping under beautiful oak beams.

An oak framed house are perfect in both the Summer and Winter seasons maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature and providing an environment that is truly unique. There is something very special about an oak frame house; the acoustics, the warmth and the general feeling of well-being they impart.

Sackville Oak Frames don’t offer a ‘kit house’, preferring to work with you to build the house you have dreamt of living in. We all live in our homes in our own unique way, so who wants to live in a house that doesn’t suit your own needs and your own family? From chatting through your ideas in their infancy, looking through your Pinterest boards, right the way through to building your oak framed house on site, Sackville Oak Frames work with you every step of the way, building YOUR home.

Focusing on what our team is best at, the design and planning, as well as building oak frames we bring in dedicated contractors to undertake groundworks and finishing your oak framed house. Sackville Oak Frames, have years of experience working on the most beautiful of oak framed houses, and love nothing more than seeing our clients’ reactions when their ideas on paper, start to unfold in our framing yard, and then on site.

Sackville Oak Frames work ranges from creating oak frames to sit within Listed buildings and old farm buildings, to traditional and contemporary bespoke oak framed houses. Using the latest technology for design purposes, we prefer to work on each oak frame by hand, creating a truly unique building, tailored to your requirements.

Oak framed houses have been around for centuries, so whether you are after something that pays particular homage to the beautiful oak framed houses seen in English villages and towns, or something completely different with a more contemporary oak frame look and feel, Sackville Oak frames have the design and build experience for all your oak frame dreams and ideas.

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