Light, cosy, warm By working with a natural, living material like oak, crafting a building by hand and using the structure as an ornament we get closer to the essence of 'constructing place' and reinforcing our connection with the natural environment

Specialists in the design and fabrication of traditional and contemporary oak framed buildings, Kent, Sussex & Surrey.

From Oak Framed Houses & New Builds to Oak Framed Extensions, Garden Rooms, Orangeries, Garages & Outbuildings throughout the UK, with most of our oak framed buildings in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Sackville Oak Frames offer a comprehensive service throughout your oak frame building project to ensure your design and site criteria are fulfilled. We work on every oak framing project in a hands-on fashion, one frame at a time, from start to finish. Sackville Oak Frames are genuinely passionate about wood and working with it as well as devoted to sourcing the most appropriate type and grade of timber for the job.

Sackville Oak Frames are specialists in Oak Framed Buildings; Oak Framed Houses & New Builds, Oak Framed Extensions & Garden Rooms, Oak Framed Garages & Outbuildings. Oak framed Houses & New Builds are perfect in both the Summer and Winter seasons maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature and providing an environment that is truly unique.

Oak framed houses have been around for centuries, so whether you are after something that pays particular homage to the beautiful oak framed houses seen in English villages and towns, or something completely different with a more contemporary oak frame look and feel, Sackville Oak frames have the design and build experience for all your oak frame dreams and ideas.

We have designed and built beautiful oak Extensions, Garden Rooms and orangeries to create a beautiful living space to listed properties, as well as new builds, connecting existing buildings to your outdoor space. Perfect for hours of entertaining, drinks receptions, as well as a feeling of being connected to the outdoors in those wet, Winter months.

Oak framed Extensions & Garden Rooms are a great way to connect your home to the outdoors. Building with oak and glass creates a wonderful light and bright space in your home; due to the pleasing aesthetics of the contrasting timbers with glass, as well as the heat efficiency having used the latest oak framing and glazing technology, these spaces are becoming very popular and one of our more sort after frames.

For the past twelve years this company has been called InSitu Designs; this oak framing company has grown from strength to strength; trading on reputation and quality craftsmanship. As part of our journey moving forward, from the beginning of April 2017,  the company name changed to Sackville Oak Frames.

Stephen, Private Client, Kent

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the roof – it really is teriffic, and absolutely makes the place. Thank you for doing such a great job. We are very appreciative.”

Tim, Private Client, Kent

“Amazing, the oak frame is great. Thank you so much with all your help with the other elements of the build, much appreciated”

Gavin & Sue, Private Client, Surrey

“Stunning, I can’t believe it, love it! Best decision I’ve made in a long time deciding to use you. Your attention to detail is unreal, the craftsmanship and quality is incredible, thanks so much, you have done an amazing job.”

Andy & Ruth, Private Client, Kent

“We simply couldn’t have wished for more. What you have done is very clever and a mark of experience far beyond your years! In fact, all aspects have far exceeded our expectations, craftsmanship, the like of which I didn’t think still truly existed. We have both been left a bit dumbstruck by the whole thing if I’m honest”

Gavrielle, Private Client, Kent

“The amount that I’m delighted with the beautiful art work that you have created is enormous. I especially love the upstairs rooms, the vaulted ceilings and the detail of the windows. Every peg. I even more especially love the entrance hall. It is better, more artful, and more special than I was able to originally envision. So in all, not only am I honoured to be living in a building that you’ve created, but am also very lucky that I found you and that you built my home for me.”

Laura & Casper, Private Client, Kent

“I am very happy with your extraordinary creation, thank you!”

Karen and Damien, Private Client, London

“…thank you so much for your skills, your energy, your smiles and your passion. It was a dream come true.”

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Sackville Oak Frames - Oak Framed Buildings"We are makers, craftsmen & professionals.
We are confident, passionate & trusted.
We explore, challenge & achieve.
We are the bridge between traditional craft, engineering & your dream.
We are the details, the little things.
We are Sackville Oak Frames."


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Our Timber Policy

We believe in sustainability; not just as a contemporary catch phrase but as a genuine ethos. We believe in recognising and understanding our environmental responsibilities - we want a well stocked timber industry for our children to work in.

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Design & Planning

We work directly with our clients, structural engineers and architects in the design and planning stages of your oak framed building project. We specialise in the design of traditional oak framed buildings and have years of experience with the techniques and materials used to build them.

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Building Oak Frames

We have a small team of knowledgeable and dedicated craftsmen who are involved at every stage of the process. Combined with a genuine passion for what we do, we are happy to build oak framed buildings of a traditional or contemporary nature.

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Finishing an Oak Frame

Our highly skilled craftsmen work with us to provide bespoke joinery to complement any oak framed building we build for you. The oak we use is carefully selected and graded to ensure the perfect finish to compliment either a traditional or modern style building.

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The Diamond Jubilee Fenland Black oak Project

We are proud to be a principal sponsor of the fenland black oak project