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Sackville Oak Frames work directly with our clients, structural engineers and architects in the design and planning stages of your oak framed building project.

Whilst we encourage the use of architects, we also like to be involved as early as possible in the design stages to aid and potentially inform the design based around workable frame layouts. We anticipate, expect and enjoy spending time at design workshops and site meetings and would much rather spend time planning and resolving issues on paper and in the framing yard rather than on site.

When it comes to Planning and Listed Building Consent, we have a wealth of experience, but feel that these particular aspects of a build require careful handling by professionals who are more familiar with regional and local policies. We are very happy to work with any architects currently in place or we can recommend people with whom we have worked in the past.

Prior to fabricating a frame, we will produce an entire set of framing drawings of our own that correspond to the architects drawings. These drawings are primarily for the laying out and fabricating of the frame. They also help all parties gain a better understanding of the frame and allow us to consider how the frame will relate to the rest of the building in terms of layout and construction detailing. By giving all those concerned an opportunity to address any potential detailing issues raised, we hope to avoid any confusion or problems during the build process.

When it comes to the structural engineering of an oak frame, it is beneficial to have someone on board who is familiar with framing. If you currently have an engineer in place we will be happy to work with them, alternatively we can employ the services of a team that we have worked with for over ten years who specialise in oak framing and are extremely competent in conducting the necessary engineering calculations required for building control.

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