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Oak Framed Garages

Sackville Oak Frames can create a bespoke design for an oak framed garage to house your family car, or to store a vintage collection of cars. The aim is to give you the option of a unique building, built to your exact auto requirements; our oak framed garages can also provide a workshop area or perhaps somewhere to store your tools. An upper floor can provide you with additional space for you to work, live or perhaps to just give you some extra storage space over a traditionally handcrafted oak frame garage.

We can provide multi-bay oak framed garages, cart sheds, carports, either open fronted or closed with some beautiful oak doors.

Oak Framed Outbuildings

Sackville Oak Frames oak framed stables, barns and outbuildings are not only beautifully crafted and designed to your exact requirements, but they are also functional spaces which are made to the same high standards that you would expect from our range of traditionally crafted oak framed buildings.

We can build stables for your exact equine requirements, designing the layout and loose boxes to suit your horse and yard. We have incorporated bespoke tack rooms and storage spaces that are designed around the intricate workings of specific livery yards.

Whilst bespoke structures are what we pride ourselves on, we also offer a range of CNC oak framed structures, this offers a cost effective option and allows you to build yourself or use one of our trusted building firm contacts to install the kit for you. Please get in touch for a quotation for CNC oak framed garages and outbuildings.

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