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Sackville Oak Frames design and build oak framed buildings¬†specific to the clients’ needs and site requirements, we listen to our clients and advise only where necessary.

We believe in delivering a solution to the brief that works for the client in every sense and fits how they live and work. We will work with you throughout the entire process and welcome your input at every stage. We welcome regular visits to the framing yard throughout the framing process so as our clients can gain an understanding of the craft involved, the attention to detail and process of traditional framing.

Design & Planning an Oak Frame

Building Oak Frames

Finishing an Oak Frame

Sackville Oak Frames specialise in structural oak work. We have a large yard dedicated to framing and have found over the years that it is better for our clients if we concentrate on what we do best. The process of building an oak frame is unique in that the entire primary structure of the building is constructed off-site. This means that site time is dramatically reduced, saving cost and allowing the building to go watertight incredibly quickly.

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