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Plaxtol, Kent




End 2016


Olsen Design Group


EAR Sheppard

Main contractor

A W Rushen Building Services

Framing time

5 weeks

Site time

2 weeks

Frame cost*


Sackville Oak Frames - Oak Framed Buildings


  • We were commissioned to design and build an oak framed roof structure to replace an existing dilapidated roof
  • The existing stone oast roundel and barn had previously been re-roofed at some point in the past with a single straight run roof which needed to be replicated for planning reasons.
  • The client wanted to enhance the character of the property whilst celebrating the history of the once working oast.


To build an oak framed roof structure to replace the existing roof. Due to the fragile existing stonewalls, the frame needed to distribute the roof loading evenly, without having any point loads or transverse loads acting upon the stone walls.

Due to limited head height and two different levels on the first floor, a tie beam truss would not give the required height clearance.

The roof shape and pitch had to match the old derelict roof.


The roof frame is a green oak principal rafter frame, with softwood common rafters over and a warm roof construction. Due to the height restrictions on the first floor, an arch brace truss was used. The roof frame canter-levers out over the oast roundel and forms a full glazed gable to match the existing roof.

The glazed gable over the roundel is glazed with 24mm toughened, LowE units. The glazing is fitted onto the frame using a system that we have developed over many years and has been proven to work. In essence the system relies on cleverly profiled soul plates and quarter sawn air-dried oak cover strips.

*Frame cost as of 2016

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the roof - it really is teriffic, and absolutely makes the place. Thank you for doing such a great job. We are very appreciative.”
Stephen, Private Client, Kent

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